oem solutions

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Lordan is a leading manufacturer of heat transfer technologies, making it your best OEM choice for any range of customized heat exchangers and parts.

The company has been engineering and manufacturing high quality fin and tube heat exchangers for the HVAC&R markets since 1959, producing tailor made applications. Over the years, Lordan has introduced innovative solutions that can be tailor made to meet specific applications and accommodate complex heating, cooling and refrigeration requirements, whatever the scope. Our engineers and technicians thrive on meeting new thermal engineering challenges with custom made solutions.

Incorporated into every Lordan design are light-weight materials and eco-friendly resources best suited to your requirements, promising you significant energy savings, lower operating costs and a highly durable quality assured product.
Lordan's innovative coil patterns and high quality coatings are built to weather through any condition, from corrosive environments and extreme temperatures to heavy vibration and delicate applications. The company's fully compliant production facilities can manufacture single to large series production in one of its two global production facilities. Lordan also has in place a sophisticated logistics management system with warehouses, as well as local representation in over four continents to meet the demands of its global clients.