mission statement:

Since 1958, Lordan has built a reputation for supplying high-quality products and ongoing technical support to its customers. These core principles remain our driving force until today, in addition to environmental values that we have added over recent years, which have had great global impact.

At Lordan, our mission is:
To optimize the performance of our customers' applications with higher quality, more efficient, energy saving heat exchangers that are more compact, light weight, and highly resistant. A customer-focused company, Lordan supplies, first of all, solutions and then products to help our clients become more efficient and competitive. To do that, our experienced and creative engineering team examines the challenges facing our customers and offers them solutions that respond to their specific needs. Each of our customers is involved in a specific application sectors with different requirements. We understand this and customize each application to suit its unique specifications. 

​Our Corporate Mission:
To be the company that best understands and satisfies the unique requirements of its customers, by designing solutions that go beyond thermal engineering and suited to operate in challenging environmental conditions, and by supplying custom made products that will allow our clients to optimize the performance of their processes beyond thermal efficiency. To be the leader of tube and fin heat exchanging solutions, and to position Lordan companies at the forefront of extremely challenging applications by designing and manufacturing the most technologically advanced, efficient, cost-effective and resilient solutions commercially available to its customers.

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