industrial cooling

industrial-img1Lordan offers custom-made solutions to meet all the diverse heat exchanger requirements of large scale construction projects and industrial cooling equipment and processes.

We understand that every large scale construction project is different with its own unique requirements. This is why we dedicate a large team of experienced engineers to plan, design and support clients throughout the life of the project and during the installation phase.

We have also managed to cut lead times with our Vendor Management Inventory system that allows you to pull inventory from our distribution centers closest to you.

Lordan's design and manufacturing capabilities include sophisticated climate control systems and industrial applications for cooling equipment and processes:
industrial-img2 Indoor Climate Control:
  • Residential complexes
    and office buildings
  • Commercial and Public Facilities
  • Chill Beams
  • HVAC Chillers
industrial-img3 Industrial Equipment & Processes:
  • Heat Pumps
  • Cooling Towers
  • Refrigeration unites
Case study 1
Less refrigerant load
Our client 
A manufacturer of medium to large commercial water cooled and air cooled chillers, and condensing units. 
The company has revolutionized acclimatization technology with oil-free compressors that are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The result is a sustainable and nearly maintenance free chiller unit.

The challenge
Due to the introduction of heavy carbon taxes and the need to be ever more energy efficient - our client was approached by his end users to find an economical solution.

The solution
Lordan developed exclusively for the client, coils up to 30% more efficient and compact, capable of supplying a clever and vastly more economical cooling solution. The client can now provide a truly energy efficient package - utilizing oil-free technology and advanced heat transfer solutions that has become one of the most cost-effective system on the market.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Lowered carbon footprint