Lordan Group Company Profile


Lordan (A.C.S.) has been engineering and manufacturing high quality custom-made fin and tube heat exchangers for the HVAC&R markets with applications for commercial, industrial, telecommunications, and transportation industries since 1958. We are known for our design and supply flexibility, ready to work on any complex heating, cooling and refrigeration challenges, whatever the scope. Our global company offers a sophisticated logistics management system for our clients, and is represented locally in over four continents with a substantial customer base spread out all over the world. We support a dynamic work environment where our highly experienced engineers can come up with innovative designs and approaches to heat exchange challenges. The creative solutions they put forward are always based on joint collaboration with our customer’s development teams.

Incorporated into every one of our coil and fin designs are light-weight eco-friendly materials strong enough to withstand severe environmental conditions, to save energy and lower operating costs.


Our coil designs and high quality coatings are built to weather through any condition, from corrosive environments and extreme temperatures to heavy vibration and delicate applications.  Our fully compliant production facilities have manufacturing capabilities that can deliver from single to large series production in its 12,000 square meter plant. We have a production capacity of over 2,000 different designs a year. We abide by the strictest international quality and environmental management standards and have been UL207 certified since 1999. Our production bases are located in Israel and in Wales, with warehouses scattered throughout the markets and regions we serve, namely Europe, the US, Australia and Asia.

Our core business areas include:

heavy duty

Heavy Duty Applications involving coils with high durability to undergo tough mechanical and environmental conditions required for transportation, energy industries, and the like.

precision cooling

Precision Cooling Applications relating to the production of efficient cooling within strict space and weight limitations to meet the demands of the high-tech and medical industries, sensitive machineries and close control products.

industrial cooling

Industrial Cooling Applications to meet the needs of commercial, industrial and residential construction projects that include air-conditioning systems and air handling units (AHU).